Your Wedding Day is one of the only times in your life where all your worlds collide & it’s a special moment! You’re about to make a lifelong commitment surrounded by all of your friends & family and we cannot wait to be there to be part of it!

·      We focus on capturing the candid raw moments, the teary speeches, the happy dances, and all the kisses and love in between. We want you to feel like we are your friend by the time your big day arrives!  Our goal is to get the most authentic and natural photos while ensuring you look great!

·      Engagement session—“what do I do with my hands”

·      All of our Wedding Packages come with an Engagement Session! This is complintary and a good time to get to hang out with one another during a much less stressful time! We’ll get to know one another, us as the photographer & you as the model, we’ll figure out what works, what doesn’t and ways to make you feel most comfortable. This is how we figure out the “what do I do with my hands” moments, that way on the day of the wedding you’re basically a model.


What to Expect





What to expect

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