Anna & Del's Chic Wedding at Hotel Washington in Downtown DC

Anna & Del said their I Dos at the Hotel Washington in Downtown Washington, D.C.. The W provided the perfect modern vibe to blend their classic taste into an elegant but edgy backdrop for their guests to celebrate their love.

Anna & Del have one of the cutest first date stories, they both were transplants in Dubai, Anna form the UK & Del from the US. While working for sister companies in the same building, Anna caught Del’s eye as she milled around the office. Eventually Del was able to learn Anna’s name and after inviting her to a few group happy hours, Del mustered up the courage to ask Anna out on a date. Anna accepted, but to Del’s surprise, this would be Anna’s first date!

They met at Villa Beach at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai. Del met Anna with a bouquet of flowers, but as this was her first date she was a little confused by “date flowers” so as they cruised across the property in a golf cart, Del hung onto them for her. When they arrived at Villa Beach, Del had not made reservations for the most romantic restaurant in Dubai, but the hostess was able to seat them at a table covered in rose petals overlooking the sea. At this point, Del was quickly explained that he had not requested this table and feared that this was overkill after Anna’s response to the flowers, but this was simply the table set up for the restaurant. When they sat, everything fell into place, they would end up talking for an hour before placing their order. They finished up their date at the rooftop bar and when Anna returned home that night, she was so happy & excited that she couldn’t sleep.

It wouldn’t be until months later that Anna told Del that the squid ink risotto that he had eaten that night had stained his teeth black for most of dinner and was partially part of the reason why she found herself smiling and laughing at him throughout the night.

On the night of their wedding it seemed as if they were reliving their first date, you couldn't wipe the smiles off of their faces as they danced and celebrated with their friends & family. As Spice Girls throwback played, heels were tossed aside, ties were tied around guests heads and Anna & Del danced their wedding night away with their closest loved ones!

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