Eunice & Matt | An Engagement Session at the Kennedy Center

Eunice & Matt knew each other in high school but it wasn't until afterwards that they began dating. We took a sunset walk around the Kennedy Center which was absolutely stunning.

Eunice is probably the sweetest person we have ever met & she was beaming all evening. We typically photograph couples as we walk and get moments candidly, but sometimes we'll stop in a really nice place and take some portraits. When we asked Eunice to make a serious face, she would try, but end up laughing, but as we walked around the Kennedy Center, Matt made sure that the smile never left her face.

We loved photographing this couple because they were incredibly silly like us, but photographing them was like a dream! Everything about their session is dreamy from the trees to the lighting to the planes over head, but most importantly this beautiful couple! This engagement session is definetly one of our favorites! 

And yes, we chartered those planes! :)

Jose Ruiz